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My in law got a nice Jebo 19 Gallon tank as a gift and decided to give it a try on planted tank. Ok here's the specs

Tank Dimensions ( 24"L x 12" W x 21"H, inches):

Lighting Intensity(36 + 18 = 54w) :
Number and type of Lighting (FL &PL) :
Age of light bulbs : 1 wk
No. of hours your lights are on : 8 hrs
Substrate : ADA Amazonia Soil

CO2 Injection Rate (bps) : 1
Type of CO2 (DIY/Cylinder) : cylinder
Method of Injection (e.g. Diffusor/Reactor) : diffusor

Liquid fertilisers Used : seachem flourish nitrogen
Fertilization regime (Frequency and amount per dose) : 1/4 cap per week
Type of Filter (canister) : ehiem classic 250
When was the filter last washed : never. canister and media brand new
Filter media used : the standard media it came with. Purchase at NA
When was the media last changed : Nil
What was changed : NIL

Age of setup (i.e. since initial setup or last major re-do ) : 1 week

Water change frequency : 10% per week.
Water surface movement (gentle) : gentle.
Circulation (None/gentle/turbulent) : gentle

Tank Temperature : 25 degrees celcius by artica chiller

Bioload (Number and type of fish and plants)
xmas moss and one unknown plant with white flowers

Describe your problem :
xmas moss start to turn brown/darker. Xmas was added 1 week ago.
When can i add shrimps (CRS) to it. Thanks
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