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Set up my first tank January 8, so this is the 4th cycling day.

My goal is to have a healthy low-tech nature aquarium that will ultimately have enough plants to look great and house a fair-sized school of tiny fish (e.g. chili Rasboras) and maybe a clean up crew (otos, a few shrimp, maybe a non-egg laying algae-eating snail if such exists). I’d like to keep the number of plant species lowish.

I’m using:
Tank: 17 gallon tank (ADA 60-P)
Substrate: ADA Amazonia ver.2
Light: Finnex Planted+ 24/7 HLC
Filter: AquaClear 30
Heater: Aqueon Pro 100w
Thermostat controller: Inkbird ITC306T
Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump 1.5w w/ small airstone

Spider wood hardscape with a couple of rocks
Hygrophila sp. Araguaya Sharp Leaf
Sagittarius subulata
2 kinds of Anubias
2 kinds of Chryptocoryne
A vallisneria of some sort
A "Temple" which I think is also called Alternantheroa reineckii "pink"
Java moss
Salvinia aurículata

Heater is currently set at 72*F. Doing 50% water changes daily during this first week. Did my first water tests yesterday (Day 3); tests came out as expected.

Looking forward to learning a lot and enjoying the fruits of my labors!

— Judy


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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