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My First Planted Tank!

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Iv been browing this forum for a while but this is my first post.. As the title suggests this is my first Planted tank.. in fact it's my first tank ever... up to recently the extent of my fish experience has been keeping the occasional betta as a kid which my cats always seemed to get to or my mother would kill in some horrible freak accident :/ My hubby has had fish for the past 15 years and currently has 4 tanks running... I decided I wanted one to and since iv run out of room for houseplants I may as well start on aquatic ones... so here it goes..

Tank is a 29 gallon..
Light - Finnex planted plus 24/7 (so far I love this light I hope It continues to work for my needs as I love the changing light cycle)
Filter - aquaclear 50

Plants -
- Italian Val
- ozelot sword
- anubius coffefolia
- crypt wendtii green
- crypt wendtii red
- java moss
- frog bit
- echinodorus tenellus

So far the livestock includes..
- 6 halrequin rasboras
- small colony of red cherry shrimp
- 2 Nerite snails
- malaysian trumpet snails and bladder snails
- 1 lone baby guppy...

Guppy made it in there by accident which the first batch of shrimp I stuck in there. I first intended on feeding him to my hubby's fish but I spared his life and now he's kind of growing on me... will he be okay by himself?

I'm planning on putting 6 - 8 corydoras, 1 Bristlenose pleco, and mostly likely a dwarf gourami. And possibly upping the harlequin rasboras to 10 of them.


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I forgot to mention.. this is a dirt tank. I used an organic topsoil with pool filter sand for a cap.. so far I have no regrets we'll see lol.
Welcome to the forum and hobby! Hope you'll continue to find it helpful! I have certainly learned a lot here.

Nice start on this tank, just gotta get those plants to fill in now, haha.
Looks nice, I would suggest that you be patient and let everything to fill in. My tank looked super thinned out till a few months after setup. Good luck!

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Ya she's looking a little bare yet unfortunately. Trying to be patient. I'm seeing new growth on the sword and crypts and the frog bit tho so that is reassuring at least!
Wanted to update with a new picture of the tank. Been up and running almost 3 months now. Got a few new plants, new piece of driftwood and everything's starting to grow nicely. She's fully stocked now to... had a bit of a mishap along the way the BN pleco decided to dig out a cave all the way to to the dirt and kicked dirt everywhere.. tank took a good week to recover but no casualties luckily.
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