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Well, I have been in and out of fish tanks for a few years now, and we are only fairly new to Oklahoma. I've been lurking the forum for awhile and have been absent since I originally joined, but I thought I would attempt my first tank journal.

standard ten gallon

Finnex Fugeray Planted+ 20" LED strip

miracle grow organic choice potting mix with a pool filter sand cap and natural clay mixed in (not enough overall substrate! Live and learn I guess)

SunSun 106(I think) small external canister

7 Neon tetras
3 Ottocinclus
4(remaining) red cherry shrimp

Flora: (and I hope I get them all right)
Green cabomba(newest addition, only a week in the tank but already shooting roots)
Water wisteria
Red ludwigia
Dwarf sagittaria
Dwarf hairgrass
Dwarf baby tears
...and some crypts(I think)
Duckweed to keep down excess nutrients

I started the tank back in October with my first attempt at a dry start method to see which would grow better, the baby tears or the petsmart hairgrass...

After a couple weeks it looked like the baby tears was becoming the loser in the dry start, the hairgrass seemed at a dead standstill with no progress while the baby tears seemed to be slowly dying off. I had to remove some larger chunks before it was all said and done and I began to flood the tank. I blame it on my inexperience and the original inadequate light that was installed.

Now though, and I will admit...I pretty much forgot my plan to keep a time-lapse photo update (haha) the tank is running better than I thought it would and the baby tears seems to have surpassed the hairgrass in terms of growth. I regularly see pearling and I love how thick it's grown in!

The only dosing I do is a daily dose of 1.5 ml of Excel, and once a week (as of last week) 1.5ml of Flourish.

So tell me what you think? Input/comments/questions? I'd love some feedback!
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As far as stores go, I've hit all those local to OKC, the 'fish lady' here in edmond(terrible store, no plants, ugly set ups I guess she does special orders though), garden ponds unlimited( been a few months though), and wet pets (nicest of the bunch, although more geared towards saltwater). And for the baby tears...I guess so! Haha. I have no pressurized co2 whatsoever and it's been surprising me too! It's not a lot of pearling but it's definitely there!
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