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What's up fish tank people and thanks for checking out my first 20 gallon aquascape. It's been up for about a year and half now and has gone through a lot of changes since the first days of planting. I changed the foreground plant from Glossostigma elatinoides to dwarf sagittaria. I also upgraded the light from a 36W Archaea Compact Fluorescent Fixture to a Aquatic Life 48W dual T5 HO fixture. I have several videos of the tank as it progresses along with a rescape that I will be sharing soon as I plan on moving it to a 60-P ADA tank :) I hope you enjoy!

-Tank Specs-
Lighting: 36W Archaea Compact Fluorescent Fixture(10 hours of light)
Filtration: Eheim Classic 2211
Substrate: ADA Amazonia Soil
CO2: ADA Advanced CO2 System(1 bps for 10 hours)
Fertilizer: Brightly K, Step 1, Seachem Flourish Excel
Aeration: Airstone (14 hours)
Plants: Glossostigma, rotala roundifolia and nanjenshan, and Anubias barteri var. nana(narrow leaf)

Timelapse up to 3 weeks of growth...

One Month Update (Glosso is growing straight up rather than across because of not enough light :/)....

Two Month Update plus Commentary over the initial build....

Six Month Update...removed the Glosso cuz the Power Compact Fluorescent wasn't enough power at only 1.8 Watts per Gallon :/

One and a half Year Update (New T5 HO Light with 2.4 Watts per Gallon :) and New Plants!

Tanks for checking out my first scape and I plan on moving it to a ADA 60-P tank soon with possibly dwarf baby tears as my foreground plant and new glass lily pipes to please the eyes a little more. Updates on the tank hopefully soon! :flick:
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