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My First Aquarium! 75g Planted

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So apart from a couple of poorly maintained gold fish tanks I had when I was a lot younger this is pretty much my first go at a proper aquarium.

It is a second hand 75g Aqua One tank, running it's built in filter on top and I have added my own canister filter as well. (planning to replace top filter for a 2nd canister)

Replaced the 3 small T8 globes with a 6x54w T5HO setup, only using 4 tubes currently.

Substrate is Eco-Complete

15 Cardinal Tetra
2 Coral Blue Gourami
6 Guppies
1 Bristlenose
1 German Blue Ram

Looking to eventually go with a CO2 setup and add a few more fish, such as some oto's and perhaps some snails? Not rushing into it

Everything I have done so far has been on knowledge learnt from reading this forum, very handy resource. Any advice for a newcomer to the hobby would be great!