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My first 30g planted tank

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Alright so im pretty new to the PTF and have seen a wide variety of tanks that have inspired me to start my own. Any comments or suggestions are welcome :icon_smil

day one

after plants and mats arrived

some alterations

30g tank
30lbs eco complete
15lbs mixed gravel
5 slates
3 pieces of driftwood
aquaclear 50 filter
aquaclear 30 powerhead
marineland heater
mini-glass co2 diffuser
and chopstick diffuser there under the filter :hihi:

if you guys could help me out with labeling here..
5 mother plants of anubias in the back
(7)the front are fissiden splachnobryoides
not sure about the rest

thanks to NikonD70
9 happy norman's lampeyes
3 Ottos somewhere..
20 Ghost shrimp
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Update on my 30g

unfortunately i have no suggestions on my tank to work with :icon_cry:
anyway, here are some pictures. Thank you PRESTON4479 for the tonina belem :)

pregnant ghost shrimp, should i take her out?

my marimo ball /w shrimp

FTS, now with 10 lampeye (1 baby)

my fissidens splachnobryoides dont seem to be growing much =/ what does grow out is eaten by my GS. sigh. :( And, again, sorry for the bad pictures. I currently do not own a camera (sold it to startup the tank:icon_eek:). So im using the HTC HD as my camera/phone
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