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My first 2.5g nano! Need HELP!

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OK. So this forum has inspired me to take a dive into the world of nanos!

What I have:
Used 2.5 gallon aquarium (passed leak test)
Used glass lid
Onyx Sand Aquarium Substrate,
15.4 lbs by Seachem
some Flourish Excel
Light fixture with a Coralife 50/50 mini compact fluorescent 10w

some dwarf hair grass and glossostigma

Your thoughts on my setup? Anything you think I should change? Fert ideas? Planting tips? Anything? :D
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+1 on the bulb. You could always go with the hampton bay desk lamp that I along with some others on here use. Its 27watts and works well with the nanos. What kind of hardscape are you going for? Iwagumi?
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