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My finished project.

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Its about 3 weeks old now, I got my plant order yesterday, its put together and time to let grow.
I would still like to add some German Blue Rams though.


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that looks awesome!

lets hear about the details
That is awesome. Love the layout of the driftwood and rocks, and the nice selection of different plants. Do u have any more details on this tank?
I agree, what are the details? Looks very good for having just been planted. What plant is in front right corner? I suspect it is going to be out of proportion.
The tank is a 29gal
Filter is what came with the tank, a quietflow.
I got a 170gph powerhead for additional Co2 injection, besides the Co2 ladder.
Lighting is 2 24" T5 at 48 watts total, life-glo and colormax.
I got 5 cardinal tetras, 5 glowlights and 8 neons.
Plants are
1) Ricca Fluitans on the dw.
2) Rotala SP. Nanjenshan
3) Cyprus Helfer
4) Nesaea pedicellata golden
5) Rotala Rotundifolia
6) Cryptocoryne parva
7) Echinodorus "Red Flame" sword
8) Alternanthera reineckii var 'roseafolia'
9) Wisteria
10) Dwarf Hairgrass
11) Anubias Barteri Var. NANA
12) Java Fern
13) Bacopa monnieri
14) Rotala Magenta

Right formost is a Java Fern, behind that is Wisteria and furthest back is Rotala Nanjenshan. mostly the left side was planted yesterday, while most on the right side been in there for 3 weeks.
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This is what it looked like 2 weeks ago.


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ohh! left front is the sword plant and behind that is the Rotala Magenta, yes its a little out of proportion, but I am sure the Rotala will soon out grow the sword.
Where did you order your plants from?
From a place called Planted Aquariums Central, the price's are good, shipping price ain't bad and the plants got here in 2 days, all looked very good.
Growing good and strong, most recent pic.


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It's beautiful!
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