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Thought I'd post this up for people interested in the 'coast-to-coast' style of overflow in a freshwater planted tank, BeanAnimal plumbing, and high turnover.

Phase 1 - Planted tank
I started the tank with the goal of it being a low-maintenance, low-light planted tank with a low bio-load of community fish and shrimp to help with cleaning. Once I got everything planted and the tank cycled, we waited another week before phase 2.

Phase 2 - Feeesh
Got a dozen Cardinal Tetras from Big Al's (LFS), promptly lost one (I think he was gimpy to start with) as he got sucked over into the sump almost immediately. That in itself did not kill him....frankly I don't know what did, but he disappeared. Never did find the body.

After a month or so of the fish and plants living happily (one more fish disappeared... :S ), I finally had time for phase 3.

Phase 3 - Shrimpies!
Got 30-40 Red Cherry shrimp from a local breeder (AaronC on the gtaaquaria forums...great guy!), and did the basic acclimatization (temperature, then 50/50 water change in their bag...then I got impatient and dumped the whole thing in - yes I know that's bad). Ended up fine - shrimp, once out of the bag, quickly settled in and started munching on stuff. Great!

At present
I am certain the fish have eaten at least two, probably more, shrimp (smaller ones). This was not entirely unexpected...although I did not anticipate shrimp that 'large' (1.5-2cm) being eaten by the tetras!! The sump has claimed at least two more (sucked past the mechanical filters - edge not 100% sealed) by them getting stuck in drip tray holes, and there are usually 3-5 smaller shrimp who have taken the ride 'downtown' in the sump collection area every morning.

My thoughts
In future I will be letting the shrimp grow to adult size in the 10G, then move them into the main display tank. I have not pulled all of them into this right away because the two I put in to test it out (newly cycled) died overnight, and the one I tried this evening kinda went crazy (swam in circles for 10 minutes until I rescued him). Not sure why that is...levels for ammonia/nitrates are super-low, and filters were pre-seeded in the sump for 2 weeks. Anyway...neither here nor there.

In retrospect it's probably the excessive turnover (1250GPH at the pumps for 70G of water) causing grief for the little shrimpies. Maybe they go to sleep and dream of water park fun times whee? I feel pretty bad for the little guys. Not so bad for the Cardinals who are (maybe psychologically) looking pretty huge compared to a few days ago.

Nuff rambling.
  • Cardinals eat shrimp like whoa
  • High turnover (10-12x) is bad for shrimpies
  • Shrimpies!
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