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Here are some pics of my emmersed setup, I have the following crypts
C. minima 'Bukit Merah'
C. ideii
C. cordata 'KR01'
C. x purpurea
C. bangkaensis 'bangka giant'
C. usteriana x walkeri
C. cordata var. cordata "Blassii"
C. longicauda 'green'
C. moehlmanni
C. x willissii "Lucens"
C. usteriana
C. affinis
C. Wendtii 'green gecko'
C. nurii - 'pahang'
C. usterenia
C. spiaralis - dwarf
C. parva

I also have a stem of Hygrophila sp. 'araguaia'.


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Nice! C. pontederiifolia tends to throw up several spathes in a row (mine did, at least), so be sure to give it lots of ferts to keep it happy.

EDIT: Actually that might be a second spathe forming on the right side of the plant in the 1st and 3rd pics
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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