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Been working on this for a while, i'm trying to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem. Living in here are: pond and ramhorn snails, a small school of endler/guppies, 3 Borneo tetras, two Danios, one large pleco, and, one mature ropefish.
The food chain seems to be established. I still feed the tank a few times a week, but, its mostly just supplemental and doesn't seem to be necessary.
Any suggestions our comments?

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You didn't give much detail about the tank. We may be curious.
I have had a self sustaining tank before but much smaller than that one looks.
A 30 long tank. It had only a few fish though and very small type, Least killi's.
Had all the rest of the critters that would be found in a swamp bio type except
there were no newts or frogs. Started it with that intent so I actually just got
mud from the bottom of the swamp for the sub/w no filter/air pump etc.
But by getting the water from the same place it contained all the Daphnia etc.
Had one of a larger Killi fish to try and keep down the population of the Least Killi's
Never knew the name of that one but native to southern U.S. and a faded green
with individual gold scales randomely thrown in that would reflect light.
The only thing there that was any kind of artificial was light on a timer.
And never fed the tank. Kept it only for about a year.
It can be done but you might cut your stocking a bit and/or change the Tetra's
to a more agressive type fish like one only Tiger Barb. But this is only if you have an issue/w the Endlers overpopulating.
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