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My Dwarf Gourami looks thin

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Good morning, a-fishionados! (See what I did there? ;) ) I've got a question about my DG that Google hasn't been able to help me with. I've had him for nearly a year, but in the last 2-3 months, I've noticed that he looks like he's losing weight. He still eats every day (flake and freeze-dried bloodworms fed in the AM, frozen bloodworms 1x/week), and is only slightly less active than before. He's the biggest guy in the tank, so he's not getting bullied by his peaceful tankmates. I did add an automatic feeder to drop pellets in the afternoon just in case he simply needed more feeding, but I've noticed that he'll bite down on the pellets and spit them straight back out. I occasionally drop in an algae wafer, but all the other fish crowd him out and he doesn't get much, if any. I do see him grazing on the omnipresent tiny bits of algae on the substrate or driftwood every so often, though. I've attached a picture, but it was taken several weeks ago. He looks a smidge thinner now. Color is still okay, and he doesn't act uncomfortable, just thinner and a little less active than before. Internal parasite, maybe? Do I need to feed more plant-based material, or put him in an acclimation box and feed him medicated food? If so, what sort of medicated food do you suggest? Any other ideas about why he might be losing weight? Thank you!

Tank stats, in case they're relevant: 29 gallon heavily planted and heavily stocked, ammonia 0, nitrates 0, nitrites <20, pH 7.5, 8 hour photoperiod via Finnex Planted+ LED fixture, daily dose of liquid CO2 and ferts.


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I'd dose the tank with metro for 3 days, do a large water change, then dose levamisol, this way you should be done with any internal parasites. These fish should live about 4 to 6 years on average, maybe a bit more with ideal conditions.
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