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I am setting up a 20gal for my crystals and wanted a little breeder box to be able to throw some of my SS/SSS males I've gotten with some females in hopes to get their genes spreading over my lower grade males. I've heard through from some people that the water inside doesn't flow the best, and therefore can get stagnant. As well, any waste in the box won't really be processed. I bought a small sponge filter to fit inside but it was too big.

So what I did was take a fish food container and drill some holes in the bottom of it for intake. Then I put a cut up Rena pre-filter sponge around the holes. I drilled 2 holes in the top of the container. I put a tube in 1 with an airstone and pushed it to the bottom. Then I put in a few rocks for weigh and some established bio rings and a small satchel of Purigen. Instant mini filter that doesn't take up that much room and should help keep the breeder box toxic free.

Here's a pic.

Alternatively I wish I would have saw the place I get my Netlea soil from has these in stock, its a breeder box with a mini filter basically built in, but o well, mine was DIY from stuff I had laying around.
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