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My DIY inline Co2 reactor

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Hey guys,

This is my DIY inline Co2 reactor build. It is being built to work off a Eheim 2215 with 12mm or 1/2" hose and a standard 1/8" air line input.


Lets start.

First i bought a clear syphon from my LFS, it is 2" by 10". This will be used for the main reactor.

I also picked up some bio balls as i will be using these in the reactor to agitate the water and break up and slow down the co2 bubbles to help better disolve them into the water.

Here is a list of the parts i bought from Home Depot(Canada, part numbers might work in the states).
848154080468 X2 ABS 1 1/2"-1/2" Adapter
628488009980 X2 1/2" Adapter
848154080017 Abs 1 1/2" Coupler
039923195289 Abs Trap Adapter
848154080260 1 1/2" Adapter
048643070615 Brass Barb

First step is to insert and silicon the one adapter with the 1/2" threaded hole to one end of the reactor.
This will be the outflow side of the reactor.
I pushed it on and left a 1/8" gap to add silicon then pushed it all the way on.

Then i installed the 1/2" hose fitting. I first wrapped the first amount of threads with teflon tape then screwed it in half way then added silicon to the rest of the threads and screwed it all the way in.

Next i started of the inflow side of the reactor.
Installing the female threaded adapter the same way i did the other side.

Now i assembled the threaded coupler. This will allow me to take apart the reactor if i need so i can clean it or make changes to the media.

I assembled it the same way as the other pieces with silicon.
I added teflon tape to the threads with no silicon as i will want this to come apart if need be.

This is how it fits.

Now i need to drill a hole for the brass fitting to get screwed into. This hole is being drilled into the side of the coupler i just made so it is at the beginning of the reactor.

I added silicon to all of the threads on the brass fitting and screwed it in all of the way.

Next i added the bio balls to the reactor and i will let this all sit for 24 hours before tightening the coupler together.


I will post some photos and a video of it being used in my tank once it is all dry in 48 hours!

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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