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My DIY Drop checker........

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This only took about an hour to do and 24 hrs to cure.

Anyway I am pretty happy with it.

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Very nice but if you make the background of white acrylic is will be easier to read.
Really nice job!

What's it made out of? Acrylic?
Thanks guys!
Yeah I was thinking of making it with a white regent dam but decided to make it 1 1/2
inches sq.
The amount of solution and regent makes it very easy to read IMO.

As for the blue work thanks I learned a couple tricks from an old school plastics guy.
Really nice job!

What's it made out of? Acrylic?

Yup 1/8 acrylic from Home Depot and some weld on #4.
cool. I like diy drop checkers. check mine out if you get the chance. nice going on yours.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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