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My DIY CO2 is producing lots of bubbles

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Tomorrow will be a week since I set up my DIY CO2. At first I wasn't exactly sure how many bubbles/second I was producing because I did not have a bubble counter. I just took off my diffuser to clean it because the bubbles were only coming out of one area and there was a white film on its surface. With just the air hose I can now count how many bubbles/second I am getting.

I am getting at least 3 bubbles/second! Is this normal for after a week of a DIY setup?

Here is my setup

2 2 liter bottles air line connectors and check valve all are sealed with silicone very well as to ensure no leaks.

The mix (per liter):

1 cup of sugar
1 tbs molasses
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbs of lentils crushed into a powder (for protein)
1 tsp champagne yeast
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my DIY also does that, kinda burst alot for the first week, then slows down after that.
darn, you ruined my excitement over the thought that I had created super DIY CO2:mad:
Yea, too bad. I thought I had accomplished something once too.
find a good mixture and it will stabilize more. i use the jello method which is more stable and can produce CO2 for 3-4 weeks. well 4 weeks when i'm lucky.
yeah I will see how this mixture works out and maybe try the jello mixture if this isn't a good one. I used champagne yeast which is supposed to last longer because it can withstand higher alcohol levels.
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