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Hello everybody.:smile:
I wanted to post a few images of my 20L that has been in the works for some time now. I have received much help from members here, so, Thank you.

The tank itself is a Grreat Choice (Petsmart brand). The tank is siliconed like crazy, it took me roughly seven hours to derim and clean the glass of all silicone residue. I broke a pane of glass in my previous attempt, Derp, and went slow and steady with this one.​

I used granite slabs purchased from Pioneer Sand & gravel for about five bucks to build a slope to my desired height.
Also used a few pieces of the granite to hold in place my drift wood with some all plastic zip ties.
Plant Branch Twig Wood Natural landscape

After quite some time messing around with the layout,
finally bit the bullet and dusted my potash and dolomite/crushed coral powder over all the surfaces to be covered my MTS.
Wood Grey Road surface Twig Art

Water Twig Wood Trunk Grass

I mixed some “Redart” clay (purchased at a local clay art store) with my MTS with just enough water so that the mix held itself in a ball.
Leaving a visual barrier of black diamond in the front of the tank as mentioned in many MTS posts I proceeded to dirty up my new glass box.
Wood Natural material Rectangle Twig Art

Then capped with a bunch of black diamond.
Window Lightning Rectangle Twig Wood

I misted everything really well to get some cohesion and added my plants. This took about four years and I was happy to start the filling process. My back thanked me later when I sat with a beer at my new aquatic hillside.

Plant Water Botany Pet supply Terrestrial plant

Water Plant Light Green Fish supply

Furniture Building Plant Table Chair

Tank specs.
-Two dome light fixtures each with a 13w “daylight” cfl (temporary)
-Pressurized CO2 with GLA hardware (I‘ve had this for about 6 mo. And am pleased)
-Slow cured MTS made from bagged dirt from Home Depot that I sifted like a mad man
-Fluval 106 canister filter w/ spray bar running a bunch of crushed coral and biomax media along with home made poly particulate media
-Pine driftwood found while camping then cured in a tub for about two months and boiled
-Dosing light EI until the plants can situate themselves

Plants -

Proserpinaca palustris
Eichornia diversifolia
Myriophyllum sp Red Stem
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Narrow leaf Chain Sword
Red Melon Sword
Brazilian Micro sword

Marsilea Minuta
Hydrocotyle sp. “Japan”
Dwarf hairgrass
Ranunculus Inundatus
Anubias Barteri nana petite
Needle Leaf Java Fern
Hygroryza Aristata (floating)

Thank you for taking a look.:biggrin: I always welcome ideas and criticism.

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I boiled the carp out of the wood and it leaches very little tannin into the water but there still is the resins from the wood to think on. You are right it is not ideal but it will likely be okay. I will update

This is going to be nice.

Not sure I'd dose ferts for the first week or two.

Let's talk fish.
I am dosing lightly because I dont want algea to possibly get a foothold due to stressed plants. If it would be better not to I can suspend the dosing.

I saw some juvi pygmy cories when i was at the LFS Monday. If they are still there when the tank is cyles I will pick them up. Too freaking cute. Also I want to attempt red cherry shrimp again.

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It has been about a month and a half since I first planted this tank and it is definitely time for an update. There have been a few additions as far as plants go and I managed to get my hands on some “Phoenix” Boraras Merah and Pigmae Corydoras. Both of these species are fun to watch as they go about their business. The Boraras have very interesting coloration design. A pair of Otto cats switch between this tank and my 26g bow front to keep them well fed.

Also added PFRs from a few different sources. Two berried females at the moment, one of them is about 2 ½+ weeks along. She is huge. I have some Indian Almond leaf litter in there for the youngsters and just got bee pollen for them as well. The bee pollen has a very strange flavor to it (some take it as a dietary supplement).

Recently procured two 200W Hydor ETH heaters very cheaply. One of them is being used for this tank. I cannot tell you how good a job the ETH does, temp is always the same. No more messing with the heater during water changes.

My camera refuses to take good pictures of my tanks. I try anyway, just so folks stop calling me a fibber about how purdy my tanks are. The pictures all look like a mess of green to me…

Plants - * = added

*Rotala colorata
*Limnophila aromatica
*Ludwigia senegalansis - I love this plant, so much character
*Limnophila sessiliflora
Proserpinaca palustris - with plenty of light and C02 this stays nicely denticulated
Eichornia divers folia - complains about my poor lighting constantly
Myriophyllum sp Red Stem - finicky to say the least
Hemianthus callitrichoides - all died, will not replace

Narrow leaf Chain Sword - this thing will not stop sending out plantlets! Nine right now.
Red Melon Sword - has gotten huge, no daughter plants yet though
Brazilian Micro Sword - I am lost with this plant. Grows very slowly if at all (BBA magnet)

*dwarf Sagitaria
Marsilea minuta - this is one of my favorites…don’t tell the other plants
Hydrocotyle sp. “Japan”
Dwarf hairgrass - this took it’s sweet time acclimating and is now spreading
Ranunculus inundatus - took about a month to really settle in before it sent runners
Anubias barteri nana petite
Needle Leaf Java Fern

Floating plants:
Hygroryza aristata
*Water Lettuce

Future Plans -
Will be getting some Super Tigers from Mordalphus soon as I really enjoy dwarf shrimp. My Red Melon Sword is completely out of control so it may be removed from this tank and replaced with Marsilea minuta. I would like to reduce the number of different stem species in this tank. I apparently have a case of “Collectoritis Aquaticum Floras”. My physician says it’s not healthy behavior.


Plant Plant community Light Rectangle Botany


Plant Pet supply Terrestrial plant Water Organism

Plant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant Tree Grass

Plant Plant community Green Terrestrial plant Pet supply

She said to me "Watch this!"

Plant Water Fish supply Liquid Terrestrial plant

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!":rolleyes:

Plant Leaf Botany Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

Cleaning water lettuce roots.

Plant Leaf Terrestrial plant Water Organism

Merah knows it's NOM time.

Water Nature Plant Insect Liquid

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Whoops. Yes an update would be good for a journal.:icon_wink No, there is not a discernable plant scape. I was really lazy admittedly with plant placement and general upkeep. Not to say the tank was unhealthy, just in constant disarray. :icon_redf

Here are some pictures. I will one day purchase a good camera and learn how to use it. (Apologies for the photogaphy)
Plant Rectangle Terrestrial plant Vegetation Grass


Plant Vertebrate Nature Rectangle Organism

Plant Rectangle Terrestrial plant Wood Aquatic plant

Plant Plant community Rectangle Terrestrial plant Organism

Plant Plant community Rectangle Vegetation Sunlight

Plant Light Nature Rectangle Vegetation


Water Plant Rectangle Pet supply Fluid

Plant Water Lightning Organism Pet supply

I had a healthy colony of fire red neos in here. Sadly they went the way of the dinosaur shortly after adding new stock for genetic diversity. Yes it was a reputable seller. I think the new kids on the block brought a bacteria strain the existing stock couldn't become immune to. Such is life.

This tank has been retired for the time being. Replaced by a 40 breeder. I had fun with this but the height limit proved an issue as far as my scape was concerned. The left side of the tank was limited to about 3 inches of vertical grow area. Sorry I did not keep a better journal on this. Life has...been busy to say the least. If you have any questions shout them out.

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