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Just wanted to start my journal. I posted my DIY project in the DIY section, but I guess I should of started here.

Here's link to the DIY post:

This tank is about 3 weeks old. I used my Eheim 2213 Filter that I was seeding on one of my cubes for about a month and used it on this set up. Cycle was FAST!

I used 4 bags of Flourite (Red and black) as base (got it cheap for $10 a bag at Petco!) and 2 bags Eco-complete as topper. Just FYI, Flourite Black was EXACTLY the same as Eco-complete, without the liquid stuff.

The turquoise rocks I used were from a landscaping place we had locally (Great place to look for rocks cheap! 60lbs for about $12!) and I've never seen it before. I just wanted to try it out. It's Ok. Not fantastic.

1 Honey Gourami (Replaced betta, he was getting nipped)
9 Red Minor (Serpae) Tetra
4 Glowlight (I know I need more. I had 5, but 1 jumped and those were transferred from my 5 gallon that I broke down)
8 Otos
2 Bolivian Rams (not sure if they are Male or Female)

I plan to add more. I want some cool top level swimmers. Probably zebra danios.

Various aponogetons
Limnophila Aromantica
Bacopa Carolinia
alternanthera reineckii
Dwarf Hair Grass
Amazon Sword
Some kind of rotala
Red Root Floaters

So far, it looks kind of sparse, hoping it grows in. But here are some pics


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