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Dear Sword,

I'm so sorry for destroying you today, I had the best of intentions. I planned moving you to another area of the aquarium that received more light. I know all the digging and pulling must of seemed malicious to you at the time but you must believe me it was all in the name of love and good aquascaping.

As I sit here rehashing our relationship and wiping the tears away. I look back on our 3 years and I can't help but allow some anger to build up and channel my negative energy at you. You could of shared more! You could of told me the situation you were in. You could have mentioned that your root system had taken up the complete back half of the aqaurium which is inhibited by a forrest of giant vals. You could of whispered to me that even though your leaves were a mere 6" tall that your roots spanned over 15" away form your crown. This is not my fault alone... you wanted to die! You didn't want to be transplanted to another part of the aqarium. Maybe I am a fool for thinking that you could fit in somewhere else or that you would be happy anywhere but in the center of the aquarium. I just know that if you would of embraced our relationship more and shared with me that I wouldn't be sitting here mad at you and the world for what I have done.

I just hope that you are now happy where you are now because you have taught me the lesson of sharing and thinking of others. This is something that YOU and YOUR root system never learned. You invaded every nook, cranny, and available square inch of the substrate that you could. It was all about you wasn't it? I was just a pawn in this whole scheme... You bastard! Just know that you were the LAST amazon sword that will EVER grace my water. And, you will forever be in my heart as one of the first plants that I have ever purchased.

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