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My CRS tank with pics.

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Here's some pics of my CRS / RCS tank. This is a 75 gallon tank filtered by a Emperor 400 and a fluidized bed filter. The intake ports are covered by sponge filters and I only have a double flourescent light strip on it that is set for 12 hours a day of light. I have simple plants like anubias sp., giant vals, water sprite and everbody's moss. I just place frogbit above in small amounts to see how it thrives. Here are a few pics of my prized shrimps. Let me know what you think........


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I like your tank. 75 gal. I wish I had a 75gal tank for my shrimp. Plants look good, and lay out.
I rather like the layout. It's always nice to see someone go low-tech and still come out with a presentable aquarium. Good job!
Nice layout and very nice shrimp :) I wish I had a 75 gallon for anything. My largest tank is a 55 gallon (turtle). My parents would probably send me to the psychiatrist if I said I wanted a 75 gallon shrimp tank:help:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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