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My Crinum natans are blooming!!!! pics added

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I have 2 C. natans in my tank. They are huge....
Anyway, today both of them threw a giant stalk with blooms. Since I have never seen one in bloom, I thought I would post it for all to see. It was a quick shot, so sorry for the poor quality shot...:frown:

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Hi Linny, great to see you on the forums, hope all is well. Show us more photos as it develops. Hope to see you back with more regularity soon.
Your "Bloom" would be a nice addition to any forum... Keep the photos coming. I too use Acrylic Tanks for my Planted holdings.

What are your specs to get such GOOOD results?

wow i've never seen any crinum blooms like that. thanks for sharing.
Does your crinum produce seeds? I have the curly crinum and have not seen blooms but I have these flat little brown disks. It is the only thing I can think they are (onion seeds).
I believe they produce seeds, just as reported by a fellow local hobbist with crinums in his pond here. He helped to pollinate the flowers and they form seeds, which germinate under water.
dmb thanks.
My specs are in the signature.
I will post more pics as it opens. I would guess it will look like an anubias or spath, but we will see.
My Crinums are so big now, I will have to get rid of them when I set up the new tank as they take up half of my
They are beautiful though.
Lol that seems alot.Are they somewhat like crypts or did they come from Bulbs? So whens the new tank gonna get setup? o_O
Didnt you get the new tank months ago?
They are rosette type plants, bulb-like base
They are slow growers but get very large, as I am finding out. yes I got my new setup, but do not plan on setting it up until I move. That is the plan.
Shockingly enough, with 2 deaths in the family in the past 4 months and a job change, I hadn't had a chance to set up a new tank....weird I know
Some pics of the buds now
The one on the right went up against the metals so they burned, but this is the one on the left.

one bud trying to open

This is my present jungle of Crinum and C neglected, but clean
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Glad to see you posting again!!!!!
Beautiful pics of a beautiful bud.

Please keep posting!!!
Will do, Walter.
Life has been a bit complicated these days, but you guys are on my mind a lot.
You can see my tank is a bit jungly, but it is clean.
Will do, Walter.
Life has been a bit complicated these days, but you guys are on my mind a lot.
You can see my tank is a bit jungly, but it is clean.
I can't even imagine. Just remember we are here when you're ready.

And as far as jungly, I think I saw some little guys saying "Kong..Kong" in there. :eek5:
Lets say, I have anubias, Crinum and C Balnsae up the wazoo....not to mention the buckets full of moss I toss every week. Not to mention 100's of shrimp!

It is insane! When I have to break it down and move, you guys can come over and "go shopping" in there and take what you want
You officially moving then? Where are you off to?
What kind of shrimp? Did you just put a bunch in there in the beggining and now they've bred like crazy? Maybe I should do that with a spare tank, and just let it go wild. I like that look.
Jen, your avatar looks like you if you were on the family guy!!!! cute!
I am either moving to Joisey or to Houston. I just have to decide!

Searun: I have japonicum, cherries, some sort of black shrimp and a dark one with a heavy stripe down the back, and yes, they all bred and bred, so I have what I would call a diverse shrimp population. They are everywhere in every shape and I know for the purist, I broke the rules, but it is kind of cool.
Haha, thanks Lynn!

This is where I got it - I was fortunate to have a very talented artist as a roommate for awhile! I'm in there 4 or 5 times:
Blooms are always a fun surprise. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck with the move and sorry to hear about the family misfortune.
Thanks KZR. I guess it is all part of life, an inevitability.

Jen, I will go check it out!
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