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My cotton candy pink ramshorns and other snail friends

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My favorite cotton candy pink ramshorn snails, rabbit snail baby and purple mystery snails. And Ernie the Orange Poso.


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Nice snails!
Very colorful.
Your tank looks like Easter.
Even has a wabbit.

:) Stef*
I love the pink ramshorns! They are lovely.
The pinks ramshorns and the rabbit snails get along great. They have their own tank since the rabbits eat plants. A snail only tank is much easier for snails to breed, pretty sure after watching this tank for 6 months that my bettas eat ramshorn snails. Some of my betta tanks have only a few ramshorns left, despite trying to breed them in all the tanks in the house. :p

It took my mini yellow rabbits over 9 months to breed, so happy with this little tiny rabbit snail. It's a little bigger than the gravel/sand in the tank at the moment. And Ernie the Orange Poso is well worth a tank by himself, he's the cutest snail we have.
Would like to see a better pic of Ernie :)

Here he is right after we got him, he's much bigger now.


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Thank you!
Ernie's a cutie. Like those bold colors.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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