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My co2 near death day

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Well I got home from work and was only stopping by to let the dog out, change, shower, etc. My co2 turns on 1hr before the lights and I have been increasing the co2 slowing over the past week or so. Today when I stopped home I turned the light on to see how the fish were doing, drop checker color etc. Well apparently within those 2 mins my lights were set to come one (manual timer) and I shut them off manual AFTER the on button triggered. I return home 5 hours later to tank that looks doomed.

So the course of action. Threw 2 bubble curtains in the tank. Hooked up a python to the sink and dropped in in the tank to fill while I had a siphon draining into buckets. I went through about 8 buckets (5 gal buckets on a 40 gal tank). I'm currently sitting here watching everyone come back to life. Even the Otos are moving around which already appeared to have given up.

On a good note it's nice to know my plants are absorbing lots of co2 because lights on and everything is fine. Also I will be rethinking my auto timer controls a little more closely. Just thought I would share my story because out of all the BE CAREFUL OF CO2 stuff that I read I never came across a story. Thus far it appears that everyone in the tank at least has a chance. I will be doing a head count in the morning.
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Yeah I realized I was gassing my fish in my Chi which is only 5 gallons. I'm running DIY CO2, so I figured it would be cool to just set and forget.. nope.

I wake up one day and my otos are laying on the substrate. An amano is twitching and allowing me to to just push him around the tank..

I tested and used the charts to see I was near 100ppm CO2. I also realized that I had forgot to aerate at night.

Now, I remove my diffuser and aerate with a bubble stone every night. I also invested in a drop checker and that's helping me keep an eye on things.
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