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My Chihiros “Customize” mode

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Has any mine tried this “Customize” mode on any Chihiros light? I have been searching through the entire internet but haven’t seen anyone posted some thorough instructions on how to correctly setup this one (shame on Chihiros software team).

I’m trying to setup multiple time zones (with different rgb profile) like I used to do with the Finnex lights. I know on Chihiros I could mimic similar function with the “Auto” mode to setup multiple sun rise to down cycles, however that mode does not transits from one lighting scheme to another without completely shuts down (then move on to the next sun rise to down section).
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With the Customize mode, the did perform as what I intended for a day then it never turned back on the 3rd day (it finished it first two days cycle until I made some “twicking”). I’m very confused with the app at the moment, I’m not sure what could be done vs what shouldn’t, I’m really hoping Chihiros would post any official instructions on this. If anyone had any success on this please share any experience you have! Much appreciated!

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Another weird thing I experienced with this Customize mode is that the controller does not refresh the lighting profile to what it is programmed to be for its current time. It will only update/refresh to the correct rgb setting if I connect it to my phone through Bluetooth.