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My cherries! (photo heavy)

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I got a group of cherries from a friend. He lets em breed out in a 55 full of moss, probably has a thousand of em. He warned me that he didn't pay any attention to color breeding and that they were probably store grade, but honestly, they have some pretty solid red color (except for the males of course). And they love pics

Bonus snail shot
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i like the pattern on that snail. very rich. The colors of the shrimps look ok. But cool that he has so many of them. They are useful for cleaning for sure.
Thanks. My local LFS has a thing for snails. They carry all the neritie colors, a couple of apple varieties, assassins, and 3 different rabbits. I love me some colorful snails. I have a dragons blood neritie in there somewhere if I can find a pic

Edit: Well that was easy
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Even store bought shrimp can have some nice colors! Actually, it's thanks to store bought cherries that I have nice colored offspring! Oddly, all the nice colored shrimp are males where-as the females aren't quite as nicely colored... so I picked out mainly males to add to a mostly female colony from a local breeder who does the same in a 20 long tank. Her males are, by far, less colorful than the females, and even some of the females are not that nicely colored! So although the offspring aren't high grades or anything, they're better colored than the breeders cherries are!

Great pics!
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