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My Blue Ram (Mikrogeophagus.ramirezi) Breeding Log

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Started this log not too long ago, so I thought I share it while I'm still logging the developments going on. Fair warning, it's going to be a bit of a read. Congrats if you decide to read it all the way through :smile2:

July.26th, 2016 - 10:20pm

Brought this lil guy home yesterday and acclimated him to my 20 gallon breeder (which is currently housing my female GBR and female EBR). Trying to grow some clippings from my main tank as well (Java fern, narrow leaf ludwigia, and Hygro.polysperma)
Immediately after introducing him to my tank, the 3 fish began a flirt-fest and the new male paired off with my female GBR. Fast forward to this morning, The pair has cleaned off a piece of black slate, and the male has dug a pit. The female's egg tube in starting to extend, and she's beginning to get plump.
Happened to snap a few quick shots with my phone. I apologize for the poor quality, bad lighting and algae growing on my tank walls (camera couldn't focus). I will get better pics, once I've done some maintenance on the tank and relocate the lone female EBR. Pics really don't do justice for the pair, the colours and finnage on the male are really stunning in person. Love how high the male's dorsal ray extends, can kinda see it in picture #2 & 3.

July.27th, 2016 - 10:17 PM

Quick update with some awesome news!
The ram pair just started laying eggs on the piece of slate in their tank.
These are some early shots, the pair is still laying and fertilizing. Eggs looking good so far, hope everything goes well (The waiting game begins).

July.28th, 2016 - 6:18 PM
(My fault for not giving them their privacy, the pair felt threatened)

Got some bad news guys. Just got home to discover my female eating the eggs. Over half of them are gone, all of them looked viabale too

I'll have to wait for another batch, will keep everyone posted.

August.2nd, 2016 - 8:04pm

They spawned again, and this time with a little bit more eggs. Threw a towel over the tank before they spawned to give them some privacy and a sense of security. Peaked in just to feed them, and noticed the male has taken on the role of fanning and guarding the nest more seriously. Even when they swapped places, the male kept near the nest and ignored some of the pellets left by my female.
Hopefully the female feels more comfortable this time around, and doesn't decide to eat the eggs. I also think the male may have not fertilized the eggs properly during their last spawn, which also could have made the female eat the eggs. Noticed the male trying to fertilizing the eggs again when he switches with the female to fan them. Will update you guys, if things go better with these eggs.

August.3rd, 2016 - 8:48am

Peaked at the nest today when I fed my pair, and noticed all the eggs are still there

Reach the 24 hour mark, fingers crossed.

August.4th, 2016 - 2:26 PM

Went to feed the pair this morning and noticed all the eggs were gone...

What I saw instead was the male guarding a clusters of wigglers in the pit he dug at the back of their tank

Not exactly sure how many there were, but my initial count of their nest was about 180-200. Will continue to give the pair their privacy and see if they can raise the fry to free swimmers. They seem to have gotten switching shifts down pretty well.
Keep you guys updated.

August.5th, 2016 - 10:07 AM

Checked up on the pair and their fry earlier this morning (8:30am), while I was feeding them, and things are progressing quite well.
The wigglers are becoming more active, startling to roll and bounce a little. 2 more days until they start free swimming, or so I hope.
As always, I keep everyone posted

August.6th, 2016 - 7:57pm

The fry are starting to jump/wiggle around a lot more, and the parents have relocated them to a larger/wider pit they dug. The pit also happens to be directly under my java fern, which is now uprooted. Guess the roots will help serve as shelter and security.
Will update everyone again tomorrow morning

August.7th,2016 - 5:00pm

All fry are free swimming:grin2:
Placed some microworms into the tank to get the fry started. Baby brineshrimp will be ready for the fry in 2 days. Neat to see the parents working together to guard and corral the fry.
Will update again, tomorrow.
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Nice to read some happy news. Good luck and great first post.
Glad to share :)
Always heard horror stories about hobbyist having a hard time keeping or breeding this species. Most of it was in regards to how sensitive the fish are to water parameters and fluctuations, or how bad these fish are at being parents. Guess I got lucky with these 2, as they're an awesome team and parents to their fry.

Fed and checked on the parents and their fry this morning, and things are going very well. The fry are all feeding (starting to see their bellies turn white from the microworms, and poop trails behind them haha), and becoming more independent (went from a cloud that followed the parents, to swimming across the length and height of the tank).

Was hesitant about doing a water change yesterday, because the sensitivity of the fry, but using a drip line to top off the tank worked out. Took about 3-4 hours to complete.

Will update again later this evening.

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Curious on your setup and water parameters? May help others.
How established was the tank time wise? and How long were the other Rams in the tank before you introduced the male?

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Curious on your setup and water parameters? May help others.
How established was the tank time wise? and How long were the other Rams in the tank before you introduced the male?
Will check the parameters when I get home, but my city water straight out of the tap/pipes run at 7.8ph (I don't have or use a RO system). I do use Indian Almond leaves in my South American tanks though (that's where my rams laid this batch).

The tank was setup a week and a half before I got my first 3 rams (all female). I soaked my sponge filter with the the water/bacteria squeezed out of my main community tank's filter sponges and started the cycle.

The females came from a local store that gets them from Singapore, and as far as I know they weren't treated with hormones (based off what the owner told me). Been a regular at the store for the past 6 years, and so far the owners haven't given me any reason to not trust them.

Once the largest female of the trio established her dominancy, and began displaying breeding dress I removed the smallest female (started to get picked on). I did leave the sub-dominant female (EBR) in the tank though.

Got the male by chance a week later, while stocking up on food and plants, and added him to the tank. The three began flirting, and the male eventually paired off with the dominant female.

Curious on your setup and water parameters? May help others.
How established was the tank time wise? and How long were the other Rams in the tank before you introduced the male?
Submitted a reply, but got a message saying it needs to be approved by the Mods.

So here's a shorter version:

In regards to parameters: Will check when I get home, but the water here in my city runs 7.8 Ph straight out of the tap. I use Indian almond leaves in my South American tanks though. Temp wise, I have the ram pair's tank at 32 degrees celsius.

Tank was cycled for a week and a half, before adding fish in. Soaked my sponge filter's sponges in the water/bacteria from the sponges of my community tank's canister filter, and began the cycle. The community tank's filter has been running for 5 years, so it's pretty mature.

My female rams were in the tank for a week, before I added my male.

Here are my current parameters:

Temperature-32 C

Some quick and low quality shots, but you can see the some of the fry. There's a lot more fry than the pictures actually show :)
Current have some low light plants clippings in there, as well as bunch of giant duckweed along the surface. Need to scoop some out actually, it's starting to infest my tank.
Forgot to mention in my previous posts, but my male was locally bred and traded to the store I purchased him from.

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