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my berried ladies in their new home

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I thought I would set up a small tank just for the ladies :) They are both bred to Taiwan Bees and we don't know who the father is/are.

Could be any of the following: BTOE, Black/Red Mischling, BKK, Crystal White Bee.

Here they are deciding if they want to leave the container....BB was the first one out.

Snow white was bred and raised by me....2nd generation! :smile:

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Awesome!!! Congrats

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nice progress on the project!
thanks, can't wait to see what the babies are :smile:
Keep us up to date when you know more!!! Bet the males are sweating the potential paternity suit!!
Is it common for people to isolate the mommas when they are berried?
There is no need to isolate them unless you want to keep the babies seperate to keep track for breeding purposes. If you have several beeried females you might want to know which babies came from which.

Or if there is something in their tank that would eat the babies.
In this case because I have lots of different taiwan bees and tigers in this tank, I wanted to see the babies born so I could possibly rule out who is NOT the father! Normally I leave the berried females in, but in this case it was for that reason only.
How many tanks do you have going and what do you keep?
8 tanks.

1 x 10 gallon for high grade Mosura Crown/Flower/Lightning headgear Crystals in black and red, includes my Snow whites too (about 30 of them)

1 x 10 gallon for Pinto Tibees (50+) in blue/white, black/white, red/white.

1 x 3ft for OEBTS/Red Tigers/BTOEs (split tank into 3 sections) 20+ of each type

1 x 10 gallon for Taiwan Bees (11 BBs, 5 BKKs (including 2 Green Hulks) 5 WRs, 2 Crystal White Bees, 2 Snow Whites and 1 BTOE, and 7 Mischlings both black/red)

1 x 10 gallon for Blue Velvets (also houses some of my Red Tigers) both are breeding, so I have blue velvet babies and red tiger babies in this tank.

2 x 3ft planted tanks with a pair of Golden Wonder Killifish and Longfin
Cherry Barbs.

1 x 2.5 gallon for my 2 ladies above 1 Blue Bolt and 1 Snow white. :icon_roll
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Sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm up to 7 tanks, but just starting to move beyond Neos
Do they all run sponge filters? Love the selection you have going and wouldn't have a need for a TV if I had that many tanks going with those kinda beauties you got there.
Very nice..I do hope you know that you're now obligated to show us pictures of the babies, too ;)
LOL...OK but I can't promise anything, Im not that good taking pics. Those shots are a hit and a miss with me :)

Yes I run a sponge filter and a hob in each one...the sponge for biofilm to grow on so that baby shrimps have something to eat, and the hob for keeping the water clean.

I don't have a heater, and only use RO/Mix Tap in the Taiwan tank. I also do not change my water, only do top ups.

I periodically check the ammonia and PH and if both are fine I leave the tank alone....I personally feel too much fussing with your tanks creates more problems than not, so I just leave them alone. Most of my tanks have algae on the back glass and sides, and are dark from duckweed/frogbit on the surface (which the shrimps love) and IAL water in the Taiwan bee tank to help soften it.
Very nice! Kudos to you for the fine work. I really wish I had the space and time to get to that level.
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