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He (she?) is rubbing his belly with his legs, hunching up when he does it, he's not fanning, but seems to be eating some of the frozen brine shrimp that falls to the substrate.

I just moved everybody to a new tank. My 30 gallon sprung a leak, so I got a new 20 gallon (downsizing) and cycled it for about 5 days. (I couldn't wait too much longer, even with wads of duct tape, the leak in the old tank was getting critical.)

In the old tank - he'd sit in the current from the filter and eat. In the new tank, he's still seeking out the current, but he just sits there.

The ammonia level is zero, the PH is 7.5 (the old tank was at 7.0).

I made a video of this belly rubbing behavior:

Any advice would be welcome!
Thank you so much
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