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My Autodosing homage to Surje

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This is pretty much a total copy of Surjes design, it works well so far. I bought most of this stuff of ebay, and the pump from APT. I'd say they come out to roughly $150 per doser. The mixer kicks on for ~5 minutes, the peristaltic kicks on for 4 min @ 16 ml/min. It just drops into the top of the tank, so i don't have to worry about backpressure or anything of that sort.

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My only complaint is that the mixer can be a little noisy. It may just be an incompatibility between the container, mixing rod, or mixer. Its not too bad though. Maybe i should change it from 5 am.... :p
Hmmmm.... 150 per doser? Can you give a rough breakdown (mixer\pump\glassware).

Come on Santa, I've been good (kinda)
That is cool! Is there a timer? Are you using one jar for Micros and macros? In my case, how would you dose 6 ml if the pump puts out 16 ml/min.

Sure Taz

APT Pump - ~70
Glassware, stirrers, stoppers - ~20-25
Stirring motor thing - ~45 (this was a great deal though, id expect to spend a little more here, and this isn't even a huge necessity unless you're pushing the solubility limits of whatever chemical you're trying to dissolve)
Shipping brings you out to about 150.

Hank - Yes there are 2 times, one for the stirrer, one for the pump. Right now, i just have 1 of these on both of my tanks dosing macros and excel. I still have to hand dose micros. You can buy whatever pumps size/rate you need.
Looks good! And $45 is a VERY good price for that magnetic stirrer! I'm curious where you're getting the noise from. Is it coming from the stirrer itself (base), or from the point of contact between the stirring rod itself and the glass? If it is the rod, you could just pick up a different shape. The egg shaped or round shaped are pretty quiet in my experience. The pill shaped ones (polygon) tend to vibrate quite a bit more.

What kind of connections have you made between the pump and the tubing? Is that all RO hardware?
Was the stirrer used??? Perhaps if it is...could that be the noise your hearing? maybe the deal wasn't all that good if it is. still looks cool...LOL.

Good conversation piece.
The stirrer is used, and its just a rattling from the glass/pill stirrer contact. The connection on the pumps is just your standard little RO fitting that I'm sure you can get at home depot. Mine came with it though, APT is pretty good about getting the correct fittings for your application. And thanks surje, this is pretty much your baby here, and as soon as i can get my damn digital timers functioning properly I'll be golden. Of course at some point I'd like to set up a 2nd set to dose micros, but thats another 300 dollars that is going into a flatscreen tv at the moment... :p
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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