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So this will be the new updated journal for my Aqueon Evolve 4 nano tank!!!

Substrate - 3" ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia w/ play sand path
Lighting - 2 x 10" Finnex FugeRay 7000k LED's (9am-6pm)
Heating - 25w Fluval compact heater (not plugged in at this time)
DIY co2 system

So to catch everyone up on the progress of my Evolve 4 I'll start from the beginning...

10/03/2013 - I finally got everything to get my Aqueon Evolve 4 nano tank up and running on the right path. Here's a listing of everything...

Tank - Aqueon Evolve 4
Lighting - 10" Finnex FugeRay LED
Heating - 25w Fluval compact heater
Substrate - 3" ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia w/ a small path of play sand

For my plant list I bought those Topfin packaged plants (not the tube plants)

Staurogyne Repens
Green Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Cryptocoryne Balansae
Dwarf Hairgrass
and 2 Blyxa japonica from my 45 gallon long tank

I had it set up before, but with dirt... I got the 10" Finnex FugeRay a couple weeks ago, and last week I ordered the ADA Aqua Soil. I already had the driftwood just sitting around, so today I finally decided to use it.

Tank has been running for 3 hours now, so the water is still a bit hazy.

10/05/2013 - Some new pics of the tank with clear water!

Tell me the picture below doesn't look real!!! Doesn't it look like one of those fake pics they use to advertise a planted tank?!?!

10/06/2013 - I ordered another 10" Finnex FugeRay LED for this tank, because I plan to re-scape the entire tank. Adding another 10" Finnex FugeRay will mean that I'll have to modify the top plastic cover in order to fit both of the FugeRays.

10/07/2013 - Just finished re-scaping the entire tank to make more room for the plants, and I purchased the following plants for the tank.

8x Ceylon hygrophyla
5x Ludwigia Repens
5x Myrio Mattogrosense
5x Pearl Weed (Hemianthus micranthemoides)
5x Dwarf Sagittaria
3x Didiplis Diandra
3x Lindernia Variegated
1x Christmas Moss (1/2 golf ball size)
1x Java Moss (golf ball size)
1x Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis
1x Bronze Crypt
1x Java Fern Lace OR Java Fern

10/08/2012 - Here's a breakdown of everything I did... I moved the Cryptocoryne Balansae to the back left corner, moved the 3 Green Cryptocoryne Wendtii bunches in front of the driftwood, I moved all of the Staurogyne Repens to the front left corner, moved 1 of the Blyxa japonica right next to Wendtii in front of the driftwood. and replanted the Dwarf Hairgrass in smaller bunches in the right front corner.

1 of the Blyxa japonica died, and the 1 do have is slowly coming back (I never could figure out how to keep blyxa japonica from dying lol). But with this new re-scape it opened up so much more room for more plants. Pics 3 & 4 show the available room for more plants.

Here's the pictures of the re-scape!!!!

10/10/2013 - So I just ordered around 30 nodes of Lilaeopsis sp. to replace the dwarf hairgrass in the tank. Now I'm just waiting on the mail man to deliver my new 10" Finnex FugeRay 7000k LED and my first plant order!!!

10/11/2013 - Here's the newest pictures of the tank!!! I'm almost done planting this tank just waiting for my shipment of Lilaeopsis sp. to replace the dwarf hairgrass, then the only thing left is to get a co2 injection system.

So now that everyone's caught up to date on the progress of my Evolve 4, I move into another planning stage of do I want to get a co2 injection system for this tank so I can start on stocking it, or do I continue with the DIY co2 system for a couple months and turn my attention to setting up my topless 6 gallon Fluval Edge?!?!

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So it turns out the amount of Lilaeopsis sp. nodes I ordered turns out to be around 60 nodes, the guy shipped them out yesterday and counted them. Turns out to be around 60 nodes!!!! So I'm thinking there should be enough not only to replace my dwarf hairgrass, but I can also line the sand path along the tank to make it look more natural.

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11:26 AM MST - So I ordered another 3l Aqua Soil Amazonia last night, and I'm thinking about tearing down this tank and switching everything over to my topless 6 gallon Edge because this tank looks cramped with all of the plants in it.

10:00 PM MST - So I tore down this tank to set up my 6 gallon topless fluval edge tank, but will be resetting the Evolve 4 back up tomorrow with a 100% totally new aquascape. So this will let me go through my entire stocking of plants, and decide which plants will work out for the new scape, and then I can use the unused plants to restart my topless edge tank.
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