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Over a year ago my girlfriend Klee, roommate Lish, and I sparked a fish tank addiction. It was a long and expensive journey. Ever since that, I have been keeping an established 20g long community tank for almost 1.5 years, only after multiple hiccups. Lately I have slightly lost interest, and barely even do water changes, yet the tank still lives. Throughout the lifetime of our 3 or 4 tanks, we have been through almost every disaster known to the aquarium community, including ich, fungus, algae, ammonia problems, dying plants, BBA, etc. My tank is now deteriorated, infected with BBA, and looks plain. After much frustration and research, I came across Diana Walstad’s method of natural ‘low-tech’ aquariums. Wish I learned about this earlier ! This is what I always wanted to do. Seeing as it is relatively cheap, I am planning to give this a try with an empty 5-gallon I had previously used as a quarantine tank. Just made the first round of shopping. Will be taking photos with my iPhone because I want to document for further instruction, excuse any bad quality photos.

2 Angels with black gravel

The first 10g tank - heavily stocked and lightly planted, actually lasted almost a year before I upgraded

The 20g long I currently have neglected - yet it still runs and nothing dies
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