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My ADA Mini M V3

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after many years finally decide to come back start a new scape, so went to garage dig out the old Mini M tank and equip :), so here we go.

tank: ADA mini m
light: ADA Aqua-sky. ( 8 hr per day)
Substrates: Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum
CO2: paintball setup (2bps)
fertilization: ADA step 1, green gain, etc
water change: 70% every two days.
Plants: Pilo moss, some kind Buc, mini dwarf hairgrass, rotala mini batterfly, monte carlo, Erio polaris. etc

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no i do not, I took it out already since tank is too small and I took fish out of it. so no need for air stone.

Do you run the air stone at night?

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Bump: this is tank from last week :) I just did a trim today, took all the Rotala green out and replaced mini butterfly, so now back side full of reds. but might need some other mini plants for middle ground. need some suggestion.

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