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My 96L Tank (56K)

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First day

Second day

10 days

24 days

44 days

The plants are :
1. Marsilea sp.
2. Cryptocoryne wendtii
3. Cryptocoryne Spiralis
4. Flame Moss
5. Microsorum pteropus 'Philippine'
6. Anubias nana 'petite'
7. Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
8. Echinodorus rubin 'narrow leaf'


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Beautiful tank !! Very nice pictures. Your marselia grew very nicely, looks like minuta sp.
Beautiful tank! I love that driftwood.
Thank you for looking and kind words...:)

Some close-up pictures, a month ago..

Marsilea sp. already started to produce runners. I think my Marsilea sp. is actually Marsilea sp. hirsuta.

Added 8 Yamatos.

Another Yamatos close-up, yup, I swear, my Marsilea sp. is pearling!..

Yamato vs Oto?

Flame moss

Another close-up of the flame moss on the 'arm'

A close-up at the base.

A close-up of Cryptocoryne wendtii 'brown'.

A close-up of Microsorum pteropus 'Philippine'

Echinodorus rubin 'narrow leaf'

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Tis beautiful, but maybe you should take out that sword on the right? Doesn't seem fitting alone. Perhaps add more plants if you're gonna make the right side more active.
tank size & lights?

interesting tank btw.
Be daring and bring the Echinodorus rubin to the foreground.
I like the sword in that spot. It will look better once filled in.

Nice setup with the flame moss, that should fill in even more.

Look forward to seeing this grow in two more months.
awesome work on the planting at the second day. that kind of work need dedication. great job man... really.

i have marsilea in my 10 gallon tank. seeing yours make me want to throw out my BBA infested HC and dying glosso out. i like this plant. while others are struggling it's growing slowly but sure without problem at all in the same condition.

how much is your light? :)
Nice close ups.

Marsilea Hirsuta produces two, three, and four-lobed leaves, and sometimes one lobed.

Marsilea minuta produces single lobed leaves exclusively, at least according to some websites. Info on minuta seems to be sketchy.
Nice tank.
My one suggestion, leave it alone, and see how that sword looks when it fills in, then decide if you want to keep it or take it out.
My one suggestion, leave it alone, and see how that sword looks when it fills in, then decide if you want to keep it or take it out.
Ditto that. But all around, wow! Looks great! Very clean and very strong contrasts.
Thank you for looking and the feedbacks.

1. Tank size : 30"X15"X15", approximately 96 liter
2. Substrate : Amazonia II, GEX Soil Powder
3. Lighting : 4 X 36W Philips 865 PL-L
4. Photoperiod : First week 4 hours, second week until now 6 hours
5. Filter : Eheim Classic 2215
6. CO2 : Pressurized tank, with Ista stainless steel external diffuser
7. Fertilizer : 1-2 ml Brighty K daily, only recently 1ppm NO3 and 0.2ppm PO4 daily. Brighty Step 1, 2ml, twice a week.

Some close-up a week ago

Went holiday for a week two weeks ago, photoperiod set to 5 hours daily, no dosing, the Echinodorus rubin 'narrow leaf' is not as red as before, LOL. Anyway will let this plant as it is, just to see the growth, how red?...hehe.

Marsilea sp. close-up, minor GSA, started dosing PO4 last week :icon_roll

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wow that''s a lot of light... explains the growth. do you have problems with marsilea because of that much light? it's described as a low light plant right.
fantastic!!!! Great!!!
Fantastic tank. Marsala looks just like my Glosso. Filled in very nicely. And if 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are all your other tanks........... all I can say is WOW, you have a gift, not to mention deep pockets! Thanks for the inspiration!

I want to see how this one grows out :proud:.
i can pretty much confirm that that is not Marsilea hirsuta, it has much smaller leaf lobes and more vertical stems. I love this tank Nasfish, wish we could get that moss in Aus.

wow that is nice. I hace never seen a tank light like that. Nice macro close ups....
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