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My 900x580x450 tank in South Africa

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Hi everyone. Been on the forum for some time now but never posted any of my tanks. So want to start of with my 3ft planted tank.

-900x580x450 starphire infinity tank
On a infinity stand

-Odyssea quad light unit
-1x red Sylvania t5
-3 x 6500K white t5

-Some Leca
-Ada aquasoil

-Scape complete
-Seachem flourish

-pressurised co2
-inline diy reactor

-Sicce whale 500 canister filter
-eheim classic 2217 canister filter
-seachem matrix bio media
-ada bio rio media

Re did my whole tank about 2 weeks ago so will post one old photo and start off with the new scape

This is the old scape.

Got my leca used in hydroponics

Just an idea of how much leca i added

Leca helped to make a hill at the back

Wood added and dragon rock added

Now the wait for the plants to grow in.

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Great start! Have you used Leca before as a base substrate? Looks interesting, almost like akadama.
A friend of mine used it in his 120p and it works very well for him so far.

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Hey there, what is that fernlike plant in the first tank. I would like to get some form you if you still have any kicking around.
Have java ferns and bolbitis that was in that tank but sold all of it to a guy.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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