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I started a 7g bow front nano February 17, 2007.

Specs are:

100% EcoComplete substrate
DIY driftwood (2 pieces screwed together to make one)
Two 27w CF desktop lamps (1 on each side of the tank)
DIY Co2 via hagen ladder w/ two 2 liter bottles t'd together
DIY screen over top the tank to keep the shrimp in
100w heater
Aquaclear 10 filter (with prefilter sponge over the intake)

Peacock Moss
Taiwan Moss (tied onto dw)
Java Moss (tied onto dw)
HC as foreground
Blyxa japonica
Rotala sp. 'Nanjenshan'
Riccia mat (just started growing out)

Amano shrimp
Ramshorn snails
Olive nerite snails
Pond snails
(soon to have crystal red shrimp, going to take out rcs and amanos)

I'm going for a jungle fading into a valley look with a garden effect in the right-front with the hc. Riccia mat/mound in the right-back.

This tank is still fairly new and i'm waiting for the hc to spread.

Feel free to leave me comments! :)

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Thanks for the comments! :icon_smil I can't wait for the HC and the riccia to fill in! I'll post picture updates in few weeks.
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