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My 75g

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Well here is the beginning of my 75 gallon tank.


--Tank dimensions: 48" x 18" x 21"
--Tank size: 75 Gallons
--Substrate is a mixture of CaribSea Floramax and CaribSea EcoComplete
--Lighting is a 48" Coralife compact fluorescent fixture - 4 Bulbs @ 65W each. 2 50% 10,000K Daylight, 50% Actinic 03 Blue bulbs that run ~10 hours a day and 2 10,000K Daylight bulbs that are currently off but will run ~3-4 hours for peak light.
--Filtration is a Rena Flistar xp3
--Additional powerhead in the tank, Koralia Nano towards the top to create a little surface agitation.
--CO2 is a inline reactor with the Rena filter.
--Plumbing: right now no plans for inline heater or UV.

Ones I know for sure:
2 Anubias Nana
couple of bunches of Cryptocoryne wendtii
3 large bunches of java fern
some java moss
1 Red Flame Sword
~12 Chilensis
4 or 5 stems of Hygrophilia corymbosa

I believe a few bunches of Telanthera Rosefolia
One other that I got from my future father-in-law that I can't remember what it is. Stemed plant. Using it for mid-ground right now

Plants or Critters: I like to find a balance of both. My tank if fairly well stocked (well if the angles would stop eating my neons....but thats another story)

-- 11 Neon Tetras (for now)
-- 8 Black Fin Tetras
-- 1 Siamese Algae Eater
-- 4 Cories
-- 2 small (under 3/4" bristlenoses)
-- handfull of Nerite Snails
-- TONS (and growing but father-in-law-to-be has fish that will eat them) Malaysian Trumpet snails

Water quality report for my area:

Water source is Lake Michigan, not well water.

Noteables from the report:
Barium (ppm) 0.0208
Copper (ppm) 0.032
Lead (ppb) 6.07
Nitrate (As Nitrogen) (ppm) 0.384
Total Nitrate & Nitrite (ppm) 0.384
Chlorine (as CL2) (ppm) 1.15
Fluoride (ppm) 1.28
Sodium (ppm) 7.82
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Plant Clown
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Is it just me, or does that driftwood on the right look sorta like a generic power rangers evil dude?

Seriously, though, that looks beautiful. I'd love to see some kind of carpet plant at least on the right side front, and maybe some tall, stringy stem plants in at least one back section.

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I do have some tall stem plants in the center of the back section....they just haven't taken off yet.

As far as a carpet, I would love to get that going. Not sure what yet but that is my plan for that section of the tank.

Thanks for the comments!
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