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This is my first planted tank journal, I have had my 25 setup for about 8 months and has been dirted for 4 months I had eco complete before that and didn't seem to do the job.

My 75 was a birthday present from my mom. I didn't believe I would be getting another tank after the 25, but I convinced her. I got the tank in late august, and has been up and running for 3 weeks.

Plants for 25:
- Crypt wendtii green gecko
- Anubias nana
- Dwarf sag
- Ludwigia repens
- Limnopholia Sessofloria
- Amazon Sword
- Water wisteria
- Star grass
- Rotala rotundifolia

Plants for 75:
- Star grass
- Water wisteria
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Amazon sword
- Ludwiga Repens x arcuta
- Hygrophilia tiger
- Crypt wendtii bronze

Fish for 25:
- 8 Bloodfin tetras
- 10 Black neon tetras
- 8 pygmy corys
- 4 amano shrimp
Will be adding one German blue ram pretty soon.

Fish for 75:
- 10 pristella tetras
- 2 shwartzi corys (others died after shipment)

Will be getting 20 rummynose tetras, 5 more pristellas, 2 silver pearsclae angles, 4 german blue rams, either 6 more shwartzi corys or 12 panda corys.

Equipment for 25:
- Aquaclear 50 with purigen
- 100w heater
- Coralife T5 28w light fixture with 2 7500k bulbs

Equipment for 75:
- Rena xp3 canister filter
- Home depot shoplight 64 watt with two 7500k bulbs
- Aquatop 300w heater

Water Plant Pet supply Grass Terrestrial plant

Water Plant Pet supply Organism Terrestrial plant

Plant Water Plant community Rectangle Pet supply

Water Plant Green Vertebrate Pet supply

Hit me with any suggestions, Thanks.

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Hey guys to see how my 75 gallon is right now click on this link its on YouTube. My friend and I are starting a YouTube channel and would really love if you could subscribe. We will be posting many more videos about planted tanks, diy projects, fish shipment unboxings, and much more. sorry about the shaking in the video.

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