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Hi all, I've been researching on this forum for some time now. I have a 15 gallon tank that has fake plants which I just don't like look of. So I decided to build a fluval edge for my desk

Tank: Fluval edge 6g
Light: Ultrabright LED hood + (2) 10 watt bulbs in light fixtures
Sub: Eco-complete
Stone: Seiryu stone
Heater: Fluval 25W
CO2: Fluval mini setup with glass diffuser.

Plants: HC and Micro sword

Inverts: Red crystal shrimp (3 for now, hoping for them to breed, or I'm going to get 3 more).
Fish: Celestial Pearl Danios (eventually 6, but none right now)

Here are the pictures of the process:

Everyone knows what the tank looks like, but here it is anyway:

The stone I ordered off of ebay (I played with a few arrangements before I put it in the tank):

I put these stones in and loved the set-up right off of the bat (I left the stones in there for 48 hours and kept looking at it periodically to see if I found a flaw, but I didn't):

Planted the HC:

And then the micro sword:

Full of water:

Then, the HC turned brown because there was not nearly enough light. So I ordered ultrabrite LED hood and it worked well, but the light still didn't reach the sides and corners very well. I ordered more HC (more than the first time, so I could plant bigger clumps) and replanted it.

Here are the lamps with the 10 watt 6700k bulbs in each

My problem now (sorry for the crappy cell phone picture) is the algae on the rocks and towards the back of the tank.

I just got the shrimp in hopes of getting rid of some of the algae. What else can I do? I had the lights on for 10 hours, but I shortened it by an hour. I have CO2 going for an hour before the lights go on to an hour before they go off.


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So I had the three red crystal shrimp and they were doing a good job and all (and all were healthy), just weren't making quick progress. I bought seven red crystal shrimp from a local member on here and all together they were starting to make progress. Just not as much as I would've liked. I got a baby pleco (yes, I know (s)he'll be too big for the tank) to make a pit stop in this tank before he/she goes into my bigger tank.

Here are some updates:

That big rock in the middle was pretty much covered in algae and the majority of it is gone off of that rock. :)

Baby red crystal shrimp:

Hanging out:

I am overly pleased with the progress of algae removal. Tomorrow I am going to a LFS to get 2 oto's who will take up temporary residence in this tank before being moved to another.

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I was satisfied with the progress that the oto's and pleco as well as the shrimp did on the algae as most of it is already gone.

I wasn't satisfied with the micro sword in the back. It had algae on it and a lot of it melted without more growth. I purchased some dwarf sag from a member on here. So I decided to salvage some of the micro sword and replanted it in the middle of the tank and I planted the dwarf sag towards the corners with a couple of micro swords mixed in between


Oto's love the dwarf sag already :)

Now my issue is rooting of the HC. A lot of it winds up floating to the top :( Most of it in the center of the tank has algae on it. I've just learned about it needed a finer substrate to help the roots hang onto something. So I think what I might do is remove the HC and see what's salvageable. Lay down about 1/2 on black sand and then replant the HC and/or get new HC. I have to see what my LFS has in that regard. What do you think?

Oh, I also just started dosing with seachem excel
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