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Nice start man! I had a high-tech 55g as well (ill link a pic) A problem I always had was flow. I would recommend either putting that spray bar on the left side glass and spraying all the way across the tank or moving the intake to the other side of the tank.

It gets to be a major pain once tall stem plants start lining up along the back glass... theyre so narrow its hard to get good flow going around, for me anyway.

Either way, nice. Also, If this is your first tank... be careful with surface agitation and co2. I was running 4ish bps of co2 on my 55 as well but when the water would evaporate a bit and the outflow was rolling the surface of the water my co2 would drop dramatically... this is not a good thing.

Good luck man! Cant wait to see it grow in.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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