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My 54 gal tank just planted

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This my 54 gallon tank that i just planted yesterday. It has Hc as the foreground. Rotala green on the left and pearlgrass on the right. And rotala red behing everything. I spent the whole day planting and setting up all of the equipment timers etc etc.

ada as with ps special
Manzanita wood
red sea press. co2
ehiem 2215 filter
Greg watson ferts
coralife 2x 65 watt 6700k bulbs on for 9hrs

Lmk what you think about the arrangment or if you have any tip or suggestions. Thanks and i hope you enjoy.

Sorry for the terrible pics

Still a bit cloudy
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It looks a bit symetrical and maybe slanting the wood against/away from the glass wood give it more interest!
I agree...maybe change up the hardscape a bit....although there is nothing wrong with symmetry, but many prefer a little off-kilter for interest...myself included :biggrin:
Looks good! Seeing that the back of the tank isnt going to get much light because of the shape I would put some low light TALL plants in the back. Perhaps Balansae or Vals, those would look sweet! I t would hide your equipment too :biggrin:
Dont expect that HC to stay in small clums for long! My HC in the ADA AS is spreading like wildfire!
looks nice but seeing it planted i think you should slant the driftwood peices over alittle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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