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my 50g corner tank, with SA cichlids

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the specs.

Juwel standard filter, Fluval 204
72w T5 luminaire, (3*24w) 2 Giesemann midday and 1 generic bulb (that is excessively blue)
10l JPL plant pro, with 15kg (or so) plain sand over the top

I planted up the other day (offer #729) plus a few of my old plants.

current tank inhabitants are.
5 Geophagus "Tapajos Orange Head"
5 Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi
4 Ancistrus sp (possibly L213)
3 Nannostomus Beckfordi
2 Corydoras paleatus

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Nice! are you going to add some angelfish to add some more movement?
Very nice!
Nice! are you going to add some angelfish to add some more movement?

the Geos are moving out (to their own 45g which'll be lots of wood and a few swords and some vallis, lots of open sand)

then I'm getting a load of otos and tetras, maybe another ram (have 2m3f currently, so maybe another male if I can
interesting. maybe youll get some otto or ram babys!! just an idea, have you thought about rainbows as well as tetras? i would go with celebese dwarf neon (precox) or if you can find them even though they are much rarer turcoise or furcata rainbows.

then again just what i think would look nice!
kept M. praecox before. however under the old tank lighting they never looked that special (unless I got real sunlight in the tank (which involved removing curtains and mirrors n stuff)) and their from New Guinea, whereas (with the exception of a sole SAE (forgot him when doing the list of inhabitants)) the tank is comprised of south American sp

I'm considering Pseudomugil gertrudae as additions to my 12" planted cube tank, but havent decided yet. currently it houses 5 (+ soon to be couple hundred babies) amano shrimp

however I'm thinking its gonna end up as
5-6 rams
12 otos (because I'll be buying them in 4s its cheaper)
10 rummynoses
6-9 C Sterbei
6-10 N beckfordi
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