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My 50 Gallon updated with pics!!!(56k i guess)

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Alright well I've been asking a lot of questions here and have finally gotten a small grasp of planted tanks. I got
-50 gallon tank
-48" Hagen Glo T5
-Fluval 305 (it was $99 bucks:icon_smil )
-2 x 2 liter coke bottles
-Play Sand and Flourite
-Some driftwood from petco

- Micro Sword
- Tropica/Melon Sword
- Amazon Sword
- Sunset Hygro (i think)
- Jungel Val
- Corkcrew Val
- Sag...something
- Anubias Berteri
- Anarchis
- Java Fern
- Java Moss (still have to tie down haven't had much time)
- Glosso (just one small strand that came in with some plant I bought)
- Red Wendtii
- Couple other things i got pretty cheap but dont kno what they are?

I haven't done any trimming or anything some leaves were broken and cut up here and there i was like screw it ill just do it later.

-1 Ghost Catfish
-2 Small Common Plecos (will get rid of soon)
-3 Oto's
-4 Bolivian Rams
-5 Cardinal Tetras
-5 Blue Tetras ($.67 at petsmart)
-6 Orange Silver Tip Tetras
-6 Blood fin Tetras

I havent cut or taken out any of the leaves that are messed up. should i?

^yay 1st planted tank attempt.

^anyone know what plant that is on the left?

^ what is the name for these water lillys.

^ whats that bushy stuff on the right.

^some cardinals

^ anubias came with holes

^what is the name of these lil grass like things.
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All righty then. Camera finally started working so i took some pics.
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