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Hi this is my 5 gallon planted tank that i recently started.
it's my second planted tank. my first one was a 3 gallon tetra cube. my 3rd one is still in dsm mode. well here it is.

Started 5/25/13

  • ordinary 5 gallon tank 16x8x10
  • Eheim 2211
  • [STRIKE]Boyu glass diffuser[/STRIKE] Archaea Super Diffuser
  • 5lb co2 tank w/Milwaukee regulator (shared with my 17 gal)
  • [STRIKE]Archaea 36w power compact[/STRIKE] Finnex Ray 2 16"

Hardscape & Plants
  • ADA Powersand
  • ADA Aquasoil
  • API First Layer Pure Laterite
  • Seiryu stone
  • Drift wood
  • Java Moss
  • Blyxa Japonica
  • Glossostigma elatinoides
  • Dwarf Hairgrass
  • Hydrocotyle tripartita
  • some type of Ludwigia (help please)
  • some type of rotala (help please)
  • [STRIKE]Wisteria[/STRIKE]
  • Pogostemon Erectus

Most Current Picture As Of 7/16/13


Filled the tank with the power sand & aqua soil. placed the driftwood in and planted the glosso.

Added a Seiryu stone.

Dry Started it for 2 weeks. just so the glosso rooted well.

After 2 weeks i planted the Blyxa Japonica and other plants BTW thanks C.T.I. for the Blyxa.

Time to fill :icon_bigg !!!

There it is. Hope everything doesn't die and it fills in nicely.

Update 6/20/13

Update 6/29/13

Update 7/1/13

Update 7/5/13

Update 7/16/13


Thanks for looking.

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haven't updated in awhile. made a few changes. took out the ugly tree. added a dhg section in the middle and added some pogostemon erectus in the back right corner. glosso is finally cooperating and is starting to growing sidewards.

Blyxa japonica is rooting well

and i added some frog bit. i like the roots

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