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My 5.5 gallon low tech, low light nano w/ pics

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I started this tank on 9/20/10.

Tank: Marina 5 gallon
Filter: Marina Slim S10
Light: Coralife 10w Mini Compact Fluorescent ~8hrs a day
Heater: Tetra Submersible 2-15gal heater ~Keeps it between 77°-79°
Substrate: Eco Complete, red gravel on top

Plants: Java Moss, Najas roraima, Ludwigia palustris.
Inhabitants: 4 male guppies, 3 nerite snails

I want to start some RCS in here when the water is cycled. Anybody had experience with RCS and Guppies?

What are your thoughts?

Here are some pics!

UPDATED 8/06/10


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Something for me to strive for.

I love your tank. I am currently working on a 5 gallon and have yet to figure out how I want it scaped. Your drift wood and lava rock set up is along the same lines as what I want. Thank you for posting the pictures. It gives me something to use as inspiration.
I like the lay out. That's a nice piece of wood in the tank, I like how it forms a cave like shelter when you lean it on the glass. Are you dosing anything in the tank?

I wouldn't put the betta in with shrimps. I've seen bettas with shrimps but only as either a snack or a rare occasion that the betta is very timid.
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No dosing yet, I plan on starting this week. Haven't look into any dosing amount yet. What would you suggest?

a number of the picts aren't showing up.

What do you think of the Marina Slim HOB filter? What is the noise level like?

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