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My 40b initial scaping

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so far what I have figured out is HC as the front carpet and Phoenix moss between the crags of the rock formation on the left. will be making some trees with some weekly moss and that's all I have worked out so far. going to work on some background plants for the back left corner and I need to decide on some small plants to use the shelfs on the big rock on the right.

how does the rock formation look so far though?

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alright got some HC in.

now I need to find weeping moss and phoenix moss.

still trying to decide on background plants.

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I'm a big fan of what you started with here. Im also on a kick of saying leave out background plants entirely. Low growers all over with full coverage. Really great start though.
I like it. I'd also advise avoiding background plants if you really want to show off your rockscape. If you simply must have some background plants, I'd advise something really thin, like vallisneria nan or the tall varieties of hairgrass(but both may overgrow your foreground!)

Consider a few anubias nana "petite" as accent plants on your rocks.
here is an update 4 months later....

(fighting some algae at the moment)

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What type of rocks did you use? I really like your rock layout
Bowl rock, not sure of the scientific name.
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