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my 40 gallon planted paludqrium. any advise-constructive criticism appreciated.

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40 gallon breeder
about 3 gallons of water 1 3/4 square foot of land.
I'm trying a thing with no separation between water and dirt except big and small rocks.
all kinds of local mosses and plant I honestly dont know the names. except the fog moss I bought.
reptifilter with matrix rocks. activated carbon. and bioballs and coverd in gravel to look like a natural waterfall.
red led light panel and aquaglow plant light.
all peat moss natural potting soil coconut husk and lavarock substrate.

Any tips or advise.


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Don't know if the lens of the camera needs to be cleaned, but if there is no
picture of the whole thing a person can't get much of an idea as to just what it looks like. So far all I know is that one small aria has a couple of branches in it.
sorry its a cray phone I tried for some better ones


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It looks nice. Do you have a layer of gravel under the dirt hill?
a few big rocks at the front where it meets land and in the back and gravel and lava rock as filler
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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