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my 40 galllon Nano style tank c:

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This is my 40 gallon acrylic tank, it has immovable dividers so I decided stocking it with small nano sized fishies
I have had it going for over a month now
the water turned out to be very hard so I was unable to stocking it with the fish I planned to get- small tetras, rosboras, pygmy corrys, rams

PH- 7.9-8.1
GH- 240
KH- 180

the tank is divided into four sections so I decided on having one species per section
although right now the last section is empty until I get another sponge to cover this filter like I have with the one on the other side
the aquarium is currently home to

7 ghost shrimp, many types of snails
3 bumble bee gobys (freshwater ones)
2 dwarf gouramis ( got one from my girlfriend so i added another for a pair eventually they will go to a different tank)
3 mini moth catfish
3 adult male and 3 adult female endler's livebearers + about 6-8 babies

currently the endlers and catfish are housed together but plan on moving the catfish to the 4th section eventually
possibly increase the number of catfish and gobys to around 4-5 eventually
I also plan on redoing the tank a bit, adding in more rocks and moving some plants around

Current plants
1 banana plant
2 amazon sword plants
1 anubias sp
many java ferns
and some duck weed

heres some pictures lemmie know how it looks and if i should do anything better or differently.

the aquarium as of today, only the 3 inhabited sections are visible
The Endlers are really not letting m take a good photo as they keep zipping around the place but heres like the best shot after 30 mins of trying, the white dots on the rock are Nerite snail eggs
the male Neon blue gourami, hes in full breeding color right now and is making a bubble nest
a really pretty ramshorn snail, i have 5 ramshorns in this aquarium
the Female Flame gourami c:
Nerite snails c:
The mini moth catfish c: fairly visible compared to other catfish I have had especially after I added endlers to the section its in
Ghost shrimp are adorable, ones currently pregnant but now shown here
gobys are the main stars of this tank they are just so adorable
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how big is the goby section and how do the 3 get along with each other?

Also, how big is that mini moth and how are you liking it? you have just one or several?

Interesting tank idea.
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