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Finally found someone willing to lend me their working, functional, not horrible! digital camera. And I like my fishtank and thought I would share.

Disclaimer: It's not the most gorgeous aquarium, and I'm certainly not the best photographer! But everything that's in my tank is there because I thought it was pretty, AND it survived in my tank. :)

My tank contains 29 gallons of space, one large chunk of driftwood which I found at the beach, 4 large black rocks that I found at the beach, "playground sand" from Lowes (3.49/50lbs!) Java moss randomly placed, water wisteria growing out my ears, "ludwigia" of unknown type in the middle background, possible java fern growing on my driftwood, some kinda sword in the corner, some stem plant that looked cool at the store when I bought it, and a clump of microsword.

I also have 5 female bettas, 6 otocinclus and two male dwarf gouramis, and who knows how many malaysian trumpet snails, ramshorn snails and pond snails??? I think I have more ramshorns than the other two, though.

And this photo is cute:

:) Love it or hate it, this is my baby. And, yes, out of 20 or so photos, those were the best pictures I had. :p
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