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'ello all! This is a journal I am starting about my 29 gallon - currently my pride and joy as far as fishkeeping is concerned. Before I show pics, here are the specs:

-Heater: None (all the fish are subtropical)
-Current temperature: About 68 F (varies...spent most of the winter at 63!)
-Lights: A 36 inch hood (it juts off the sides of the tank a little)
-Substrate: About 2 inches (more than planned, but that's what happens when you pour substrate rather than measuring it out) of special kitty cat litter (have about 10 pounds of the stuff left...use to be determined :))
-Ferts: 1.25 ml excel each day.
-Flora: Vals, Java fern, Water sprite, Bacopa, Frogbit, Duckweed :)icon_frow), java moss, and several other plants of unknown identity
* 1 female paradise fish (Pearl)
* 5 variatus platies (Chillie the very red male, Reggae the orange female, Apricot the pale orange female, Jean the plain orange female, and Samoa the green-gold female)
* 11 zebra danios
* 2 pearl danios (last survivors of an unsuccessful stocking attempt)
-Plans for tank:
* Set up a harem of paradise fish, with 1 male and 3 females (I like male PF's too much not to have one in this tank! Poor me went through two in 6 first was killed by a disease introduced by aforementioned pearl danios, and the second was a blatant psycho who drove Pearl into hiding, killed a danio and a platy, and got 'dealt' with by myself...lesson learned; pairs of PF's are risky. Harems, from most of my research, should do A LOT better)
* Add more plants (Anubiads maybe? Hornwort? Not decided yet)

ANYHOW, on to the pics! (Forgive the blurriness...they were taken with an I-Pad)

The tank:
Plant Purple Organism Pet supply Aquatic plant

A blurry picture of Pearl:
Plant Vertebrate Nature Lighting Organism

From left to right: Chilli, Reggae, and Apricot (three of the platies)
Plant Vertebrate Nature Natural environment Leaf

I will get more images and a video up later. In the meantime, any feedback is much appreciated!
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